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NB Inspection (NBI) Sdn. Bhd., is an establishment that was formed in the year 2016 to cater for the Private and Public inspection sector services. Some of the areas that NBI currently specializes in are: Conventional NDT Testing(Radiography, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Penetrant), Advanced NDT Testing(Corrosion under Insulation-Xray, Eddy current testing, Internal rotating inspection, Magnetic flux leakage, Acoustic emission testing, Remote visual inspection-drone, Positive material identification, Thermograph tests etc) and other Quality consultant services such as

The provision of various technical services at NBI are designed to comply with the International Standards of the Quality Control industry. NBI have an agreement with Affinity Test Services Sdn. Bhd., a company that is an approved vendor of Conventional and Advanced NDT services to Petronas in Malaysia.

The aim of NBI is to provide our clients with management services and inspections that are established on the highest standard of quality and integrity, and are available extensively with nominal costs within Brunei Darussalam.

To provide opportunities and train local individuals who are seeking skill and knowledge enhancement for career growth and in return, yielding its desired production output.

To ensure that all technical services are provided with the best possible and updated resources in dealing with established institutions and companies.

To be the leading industrial localized institute of choice in Brunei Darussalam with a reputation of being trusted and well-respected for providing technical services in compliance with international standards. To provide professional services with the best interest of all related stakeholders.

our services

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is integral to fabrication, construction and in- service plant life assessment tasks, providing raw data to engineers and assuring equipment integrity for clients as well as regulatory and insurance bodies.

At NBI, our professionals have several years of experience in frontline NDT activities across all industry sectors. This includes planning and managing shutdown or turn-around activities, and consultancy on appropriate techniques to target particular defects or plant issues. These NDT services can be provided both in fabrication shops as well as on the field.

NBI Level II technicians are also experienced in different specialty techniques that involve geometrically challenging parts, whereby In addition to the conventional method, we have deployed other techniques which meet specific requirements. These include Small Controlled Area Radiography (SCAR) designed for on-site radiography without disruption to the in-service live plant and the need for large areas cordoned off during execution of radiography.

NBI conventional NDT services include:

1.   Radiography Testing
2.   Magnetic Particle Testing
3.   Liquid Penetrant Testing
4.   Ultrasonic Testing
5.   SCAR

With ever more complicated material and equipment, our Advanced NDT methods include enhanced sensors, imaging technology and data interpretation. The usage of technology improves inspection speed, accuracy of testing, and interpretation of results.

NBI objective of bringing advanced NDT methods is to reduce the overall cost of inspection as well as the ability to store, evaluate and share inspection data almost immediately on a large-scale basis. Some of the Advanced NDT inspection services that NBI provide are as follows:

   Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
   Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD)
   Digital Radiography
   Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)
   Corrosion Mapping
   Long Range UT (LRUT)
   Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
   Eddy Current Testing (ECT)
   Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)
   Remote Field Eddy Current (RFET)
   Remote Visual Testing (Boroscope)
   Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
   Holiday Testing
   Positive Material Identification (PMI) without Carbon Content
   Positive Material Identification Arc Method

NBI through our partners provides a range of competent, specialised manpower for Oil and Gas, Marine, Power Generation and Petrochemical Industries. With established network affiliations across the industry, NBI is in a strategic position to respond promptly and efficiently to our clients’ workforce needs and to provide professional manpower resources that include NDT Technicians, QA/QC Inspectors, Welding Inspectors, and API 653/570/510 Inspectors

NBI provides qualified personnel accredited by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). We offer Rope Access as an alternative method to perform inspections on difficult to reach structures, such as offshore and onshore structures.

Rope Access provides a significant cost-saving advantage by replacing the need for traditional scaffolding and platforms. The discreet setup, quick installation and fast dismantling of rope systems means work flow is continuous and unabated, thus reducing operational costs associated with more traditional inspection methods.

Our competent NDT Level III engineers offer consultancy services that present optimal techniques and procedures best suited to client needs.

These include:

1)    Selection of the most appropriate NDT method for a particular application.
2)    Preparation and review of NDT procedures for inspection methods and specific client requirements based on international standards.
3)    Preparation of written practices as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A.
4)    Validation of procedures.

NBI also provides training services and customised courses for Level I and II technicians. These courses empower trainees to establish techniques and procedures more effectively and interpret codes, standards, and specifications.

Benefits of using Advanced NDT techniques

Eddy Current Testing:

Key advantages of eddy current testing are:
   No contact with component surface required, meaning high temperature testing or inspection of coated or fouled surfaces is possible
   High-speed scanning achievable at 1 m/s
   Component evaluation at variable depths achievable through measurement at a range of frequencies or through different coil sizing
   No consumable chemicals required


   Cost efficient, with no consumables
   Increases safety
   Delivers dose reduction (up to 90% in some cases)
   Eliminates the need for chemicals or darkrooms
   Is focused on the use of image processing tools
   Is highly mobile
   Offers digital archiving, reporting and transporting
   Dramatically reduces the need for re-shoots

Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

   Increase quality inspection at a reduced time
   Increased flexibility with different inspections over traditional methods
   Widely regarded in engineering industry
   Inspection models are applied in medical fields

Corrosion Mapping

   Identifies various thickness of materials caused by corrosion
   An automatic or semi-automatic scanner is used to scan an inspection surface
   Also highly regarded in aerospace sector
   Results based on repetitive nature, ensuring consistent and solid results after tests

Long Range UT (LRUT)

   100 times faster than traditional methods
   Efficient method ensuring accurate results
   Easily conducted by screening wall penetrated pipelines

Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)

   Interpretation of results is easier compared to other techniques
   Accurate measurement
   Applicable for both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic tubes

Remote Visual Testing (Boroscope)

   Conduceted using advanced remote device
   Enhance versatility and performance in inspection
   Conducted quickly and easily
   Exceptional feature ensuring visual clarity

Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

   Detection of leakage depends on the amplitude of that leakage
   Applied in any industrial sector
   Output from the detector produce automated inspection system

Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD)

   More reliable than traditional UT weld method
   Accurate positioning and sizing of discontinuities
   Effective for locating and sizing discontinuities in ferritic welds
   Offers greater probability of detection
   Improve risk reduction and calculation

Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)

   Applicable for both ferritic or non-ferritic conductive metals
   Provides both depth and length information
   Data can be stored and analysed offline
   Inspection is enabled for encoded

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

   Inspection can save cost substantially
   Methods are recognized with standard regulations in industrial sector
   Various methods can be applied

Remote Field Eddy Current (RFET)

   Insensitive to probe lift off or wobble
   Pull speed between 6" and 12" per second
   Detection of wall loss
   Detect localized corrosion/erosion
   Suitable for ferrous tubes

Holiday Testing

   Carried out on a variety of substrates with a different coating thickness
   Able to find coating film discontinuities that are not readily visible
   Capable of maintaining adequate coating protection in aggressive environments

Positive Material Identification (PMI) without Carbon Content

   Easy to use and offer rapid analysis
   Trace/unwanted elements in high alloy grades
   Minimal Upkeep and Operational Costs
   Comprehensive Quality Control Testing
   Versatile Testing Equipment

Positive Material Identification Arc Method

   Precise analytical results
   Conducted easily with great versatility
   Test is conducted at a short time period

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